Experienced Doctor in Pelvic Reconstruction & Aesthetic Gynaecology

Dr. Vidya Pancholia

MS (Obst & Gynae), FICOG, FICMCH, Master Course on Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery & Laser Therapy (FDA Approved Er-YAG).
She has been running a high-risk pregnancy center and gynecology clinic since 1985 in Indore. Her core areas of interest are high-risk pregnancy, infertility, menopause, and pelvic reconstructive surgeries. She specialized in Cosmetic Gynaecology, Laser for Vaginal Looseness, and Correction of Stress Urinary Incontinence.

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Dr Vidya Pancholia

High Risk Pregnancy

Been in this field for more than 39 years, the doctor has expertise in high-risk pregnancy and pelvic reconstructive surgeries with more than 20,000 successful deliveries and 10000 surgeries.

Aesthetic Gynecology

The doctor specializes in new-age gynecological treatment which is performed by laser therapies and its First Time in India which helps in female rejuvenation and correction of stress urinary incontinence.

Awards and Conferences

The doctor has attended various conferences across the globe and has achieved almost 500+ awards for her constant services in the field of gynecology and women’s health awareness programs.

Awards & Accolades

Being a part of the stream, the responsibility of a Doctor as a human bring is to take care of its patients and help them live a better life. We always make sure to deliver the best that we can and the appreciation and accolades that come on the way help in boosting the morale and motivation to do more.

I personally would like to dedicate this to all the Doctors who are taking care of this human race and make it happen’.

Guard Yourself Clinic

Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer is the cause of the highest number of deaths among women. In India, an average of 8 women dies from it every hour. However, cervical cancer also happens to be the only form of cancer that can be cured with a vaccination.

This isn’t something that all women are aware of and to raise awareness about this pressing issue Government in collaboration with a Pharma company started the ‘Guard Yourself’ initiative. The program follows a three-step process: education, screening, and vaccination. The screening process is done with a simple pap smear test and if symptoms are detected, the vaccination process starts.
Dr. Vidya Pancholia is proudly associated with the Guard Yourself initiative and anyone under this can go and get herself checked up against Cervical Cancer.

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Master Course on Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery & Laser Therapy (FDA Approved Er-YAG)

Fellow of Indian College of Obs & Gynaec.
Fellow of Maternal and Child Health.

Life Member, FOGSI.
Life Member, ISAR.
Life Member, Indian Associates of Gynecologic Endoscopy.
Life Member, ISOPARB.
Life Member, URPSSI.
Life Member, IMS.


Brazil (FIGO)
Malaysia (WELLA IMS)
Thailand (WELLA IMS)
Represented in World Congress

Montreal Canada (World Emgm of human reproduction)
Malaysia (FIGO)
Capetown (FIGO)
New Zealand (AOFOG)
Thailand (RCOG)
Australia (RCOG)
Rome (IMS)
Mexico (IMS)

Surgeries Done
Happy Patients
Conferences Attended
Winning Awards


Dr. Pancholia is a Senior Obstetrician and Gynecologist who has mastered in course in Aesthetic Surgery and Gynecological Laser from Europe running state of the art clinic. V-Care Laser center is the first of its kind in India using the Erbium Yag Laser technique for Female Rejuvenation. She is Chief Editor for FOGSI CONNECT 2015, Editor of practical obstetrics committee journal, a souvenir of IMSCON ISAR, has been delivering presentations at international levels and represented India at various international platforms viz. RCOG, AOFOG, FIGO, IMS. 

The Doctor has been awarded Wonder FOGSIAN Award 2019, Fellowship of Indian College of Obgyn, awarded Women Excellence award 2018, Nari Shakti award-2017 for a social cause, she has co-authored on books of professional interest and published articles in index journals. She has been running a high-risk pregnancy center and “Guard Yourself Clinic”.

Dr. Pancholia is a Life Member of – FOGSI, ISAR, Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopy, ISOPARB, UPSC, Indian Menopause Society.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is Vaginal Health?

Vaginal health is an important aspect of maintaining a woman’s overall health and can be affected by medications, diet, clothing, exercise, and even increased stress. A healthy vagina is more acidic, which helps maintain an environment of good bacteria called lactobacilli and normal vaginal secretions

What damages can occur due to child-birth?

Direct cuts, wounds Abrasion and Episiotomy cut (Done by a doctor to increase passage for the fetus) can lead to permanent changes on the intimal parts of a woman which may require repair operation like Labiaplasty, Perineoplasty, etc.

How laser works?

It causes thermal diffusion in tissue result in formation of collagen and elastic tissue by acting with cell protein.

Upto What Age Vaginal Tightening can be done?

Loose Vagina is a problem of Sexually Active Young Women from 17 yrs to 45 yrs. Vaginal tightening can be offered to any Woman.

If one is not satisfied could it be a Reason for Problem like Depression?

Yes, Sexual satisfaction is part of life just like food and clothing. Usually, vaginal dryness loose vagina, recurrent vaginal infection, medical disorders like diabetes, obesity may be the underlying cause. It should be well addressed. Male sexual dysfunction should not be ignored as well.

Once you get vaginal tightening after the delivery then is it good or it has to be repeated?

It can be repeated as there is no incision, cut, anesthesia is given. Can be repeated easily just like a facial massage.

Basically the vaginal area should be rough, sticky, lubricated or dry what is the position?

Normal is normal. Not dry, mild white discharge. No itching.

What do you mean by 'Loose Vagina'? Is it going to affect my Sexual Function and Pleasure?

In medical terms, it is called Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS). It is a loss of optimal Vaginal structure due to Pregnancy and Childbirth, which causes excessive stretch on muscles. Collagen and elastic tissue as well. As a result of this stretch Vagina and nearby organ loses its rugosity and folds which causes friction during Sexual play. As a result, it is diminished or absence of sexual gratification to both of them.

What other damages can occur due to Child-Birth?

Direct cuts, wounds Abrasion and Episiotomy cut (Done by doctor to increase passage for fetus) can lead to permanent changes on the intimal parts of a women which may require repair operation like Labiaplasty, Perineoplasty etc.

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  • Ms. Usha Jain for Dr. Vidya Pancholia

    I am from Udaipur, I use to feel sheer pressure to run for urination every 2 hours and it was not only painful but was irritating also. Now after the process I have gained confidence that I can travel and go out also.

    Usha Jain
  • Ms. Saroj Thakur for Dr. Vidya Pancholia

    My Gynecologist referred me to Maam, I use to feel so uncomfortable as I use to get cramps because my vaginal area was loosened but just after 2 seating I have regained the confidence and can say that in the third one I will be back on track

    Saroj Thakur
  • Ms. Kanchana for Dr. Vidya Pancholia

    Whenever I use to Sneeze or Cough I use to pass urine unknowingly and it was very embracing too. Also, it uses to pain a lot and I use to get an infection for ages. But after therapy, I am 100% confident and can now live life peacefully and especially eat and sleep properly.

    Ms. Kanchana

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